WhistleForm Plans

WhistleForm Plans

Pro License

One channel for your company

Internal communication
WhistleForm documentation
Personal branding
Choose your own subdomain
One user
Up to 50 employees

pro whistleblowing channel

Enterprise License

Completely customized to your needs

Dedicated support
Two-factor authentication
Admin panel branding
Choose your own url
Unlimited users
> 50 employees

Multiple Channels

Multiple channels in one platform

Customization per channel
Easy channel creation
Partnership benefits
Easy multi-channel management
Additional personalization options
Extra support options

multiple whistleblowing channels

More about WhistleForm?

Take a look here if you want to know a selection of additional features that WhistleForm has to offer. These (except the support) features are available for all customers, with any of the chosen plans. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information, or give our free demo a try. 


No installation needed

Get started with your WhistleForm channel right away

Email notifications

Activate different types of notifications and stay up-to-date at all time


Platform in English, Dutch, Spanish and Catalan, with possibility to add more

Unlimited notifications

Don't limit your whistleblowers, receive as many monthly reports as needed


Company logo

Add your company logo to your personalized complaints form

Personalized color

Pick a color for the form that matches your company branding

Domain or subdomain

Choose the domain or subdomain (depending on the plan) for your channel

Personalized text

Personalize the title, introductory text, privacy policy and other form fields


Live demo

Get a live demo with all the relevant information about how WhistleForm works

Dedicated support

Dedicated support, by phone or by email, depending on your needs


WhistleForm documentation for promotional purposes (e.g., clients) or training purposes

Chatbot support

If you wish so, get the efficient support of a chatbot to answer your technical questions immediately