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Structured Complaints Management

Whistleform is an online platform where your employees can file notifications about disfunctioning within your company, if wished, completely anonymously. With the safe and anonymous internal messaging system we ensure a smooth and easy complaints management.

Why Whistleform?

We offer you an effective and user-friendly whistleblowing tool, with a wide range of high-end characteristics, easy to integrate with your existing tools.

Detect Risks

Detect the risks of your company by giving the people who work in it every day the chance to securely voice their opinions.

Protect Whistleblowers

Our certified Europe-based servers and different safety and encryption layers, give your whistleblowing channel maximum security.

Comply with EU regulations

Developed to comply with the directive 2019/1937 (EU) of the European parliament and council of 23 October 2019.

One Platform

All the relevant tools for optimal complaints management in one single platform. If wished, receive email notifications, to ensure that you don't miss anything from your channel.

Personalized Channel

Easily change the colors, texts and logo of your channel, in order to match the existing company branding. We also offer custom translations for our partners.

Safe Infrastructure

Our certified Europe-based servers and different safety and encryption layers, give your whistleblowing channel maximum security.

Time left for EU countries to implement their own Whistleblowers law

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Complaints Form
For Whistleblowers

Using the form, which is linked to your domain name, your employees will be able to file notifications, at any time, from anywhere.

Homepage notifications tool WhistleForm

Management Platform
For Admins and Managers

On this panel, you can view and manage complaints, communicate with complainants and customize the form. The panel can be extended with extra modules.

Follow-up complainants dashboard

Complaints Follow-Up
For Whistleblowers

With the safe and anonymous internal messaging system, the complainant will be able to follow up on their complaint, as well as send and receive messages.

woman sending notification on phone

Send a notification

Your employee, customer, or other business relation files a notification, if wished anonymously, from wherever they want, whenever they want to. 

Manage the Notification

With our easy management and internal messaging systems, you can manage all notifications in an easy and structured manner.

Internal communication through the secure messaging system
WF complaints archive

Close the Case

Whenever the case is dealt with by your managers, you can directly close it from the management platform. The notification will be archived for further reference. 

Partnerships with law firms and human resource companies

Are you responsible for the compliance of multiple companies? WhistleForm will help you to comply with EU regulations, while adhering to data-protection guidelines. You will be able to access the complaints channels for all of your companies from one place, in a completely structured manner.

We take care of the technology, you take care of your customers.

Law firm partnership with WhistleForm

Get your whistleblowing channel

With all the necessary tools to manage the files, analyze the risks, comply with European directive, and easy to implement in the company.