We offer partnerships to law firms, compliance officers, human resources companies and consultants

Law firm partnership with WhistleForm

We take care of the technology, you take care of your customers

Are you responsible for the compliance of multiple companies? With WhistleForm you will comply with EU regulations as well as data-protection guidelines. At the same time, we offer you a structured and user-friendly complaints management for all of your channels.

Filter by channel

If you wish so, you can filter the complaints and statistics by channel to get a better insight in each individual company.

Secure complaints management

The safety of your clients' confidential data is guaranteed with hosting on European certified servers, 100% our own code, multiple layers of encriptation and the possibility for two-factor authentication.

Individual Personalization

WhistleForm gives you the convenience of a single management platform, while still being able to personalize the channel of each company to match their own branding.

Man managing complaints with WhistleForm

Lawyers, Consultants, Compliance Officers and Human Resource Companies Choose WhistleForm

Read Only

Your clients' employees can get an insight into the complaints with our unique "read only" functionality

Multiple Languages

For each of your clients, you can opt to choose a different language for their unique complaints channel

Multiple Personalizations

Personalize the complaints channels to match the branding of each individual company

Different Roles

Different roles with different permissions allow for a structured and hierarchical complaints management

Create New Channels Easily

You can create new channels yourself instantly with only a few clicks, using the integrated channel creation form.

Fast and Simple

In a matter of minutes the new channel will be created, linked to the desired domain name, which you can fully customize to your client's needs.

No Programming

You do not need to have any programming knowledge to create a new channel, just use the built-in form for partners to create a new channel.

Partnership with WhistleForm