WhistleForm Features

The high-end WhistleForm features are designed to allow you to communicate with the complainants at any time, while he/she stays anonymous. This makes it easier to manage any of the complaints, while at the same time complying with EU regulations.​

Complaints form WhistleForm yellow background

Complaints Form

For Whistleblowers

Homepage Admin Dashboard

Administrator Panel

For Admins and Managers

Follow-up complainants dashboard

Complaints Follow-Up

For Whistleblowers

Complaints Form

The complaints form can be used by your employees, your customers, or whoever you decide to target, to send notifications about problems or potential risks within your company.

Anonymous complaints

Password protected

Different languages supported

Match your company branding

Responsive design

Man reading complaints on his phone

Management Platform

With this dashboard, superadmins, admins, and managers view and edit complaints, and communicate with the complainants. Superadmins can also create extra complaints channels.

Manage Multiple Channels

Manage multiple complaints channels in a structured manner, for instance if you belong to a law firm that runs companies' compliance.


Get more insight in the received complaints, the management process and developments over time in a glance.

Two-factor Authentication

If you wish so, increase your channel's security even further by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) for your channel's users.

Email notifications

Be up-to-date about the activity within your channel, even without logging in, by enabling your preferred email notifications.

Internal complaints communication

Follow-up Panel

In the follow-up panel, whistleblowers can view the status of their complaint in a completely anonymous manner. Here they can also view and reply to messages sent to them by the complaint manager(s).

Follow up on the status

Answer additional questions

Fully secure and anonymous

Contact the manager

Try it yourself!