Our technology

WhistleForm follows the highest technological and safety standards, to become an excellent product in all aspects.

Servidors segurs de Formiga Online Solutions

State-of-the-art infrastructure

WhistleForm servers are located in different European capitals (Barcelona, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris) with the aim of offering 99.99% service availability from any location. With this strategy we gain many benefits for our customers, such as:

Improved loading time

The server closest to the user's location is the one that responds to requests. This speeds up loading time and makes the system more fluid.

Resistance to unforeseen events

Unforeseen actions, such as server crashes, loss of connectivity, data center deficiencies, etcetera, can occur at any time. With this premise in mind, having multiple servers distributed through different providers brings redundancy to the system, so that the probability of having a service outage is nearly impossible.


All servers and data centers WhistleForm works with are certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015, 27018:2019 and 9001:2015.

Technologies WhistleForm

Leading technologies

For the development and maintenance of WhistleForm we use the most advanced and at the same time most reliable technologies, both in terms of software (programming languages, containers ...) and hardware (servers, routers, firewalls ...)

Code quality

At WhistleForm we have a well-defined SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). This guides us through the way and steps to develop high-quality software. Some of the most important points are:

Development environments

Before the new code with any novelty that is developed reaches production it must pass tests in two environments: Development and Pre-Production. Once the code has passed the functional and non-functional tests satisfactorily, it is published in the production environment so that all customers can enjoy the new functionalities. In this way we guarantee that the new functionalities arrive in production with the expected quality.

Internal code repositories

All code is centralized in repositories that only authorized WhistleForm staff can view. Once the code is in the repositories, it is tested and passes some automated quality tests.


Ensuring code quality is an essential task to ensure platform continuity and facilitate future improvements. Once the developers have finished designing a new feature, this code is reviewed by a person from another WhistleForm development team in order to find possible issues and suggest improvements.

Programming WhistleForm own code
Sustainable development goals

No links with suppliers

The contracts we maintain with the different technology providers are short-term and without permanencies. This gives us freedom and independence to be able to choose the provider that ensures the best service at any time.
Suppliers are valued according to compliance with the following points:

1. Quality of service and security
2. Growth forecasts
3. Contribution to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Monthly security audits

To ensure the security of customer data, at least one external security audit is performed each month. This audit tests all WhistleForm security systems to ensure that all data security measures are complied with.

Backup data WhistleForm

"Cold" copy of the notifications

Once a complaint is submitted, it is saved in duplicate. A copy with the compressed data provided by the complainant is stored on a "cold" server, guarded by a trusted third party, in which by different algorithms and time stamping, we guarantee that this copy has not been opened since it was sent.
If the case related to this complaint escalates, this copy of the complaint would be valid proof.

Backups per minute

WhistleForm has a complex system of managing backups with different layers. Having a good backup system is essential and ensures good data maintenance.
The system provided by WhistleForm allows you to retrieve data at a precise moment in time, as if it were a time machine that can travel to a specific point in history. Customers do not need to worry about making copies of the data as the quality and security of the data is already guaranteed.