June 23, World Whistleblower Day

Whistleblower day

According to the latest report by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, whistleblowing channels provide up to 40% of the evidence needed to prevent irregularities (ahead of 14% or 3% of internal and external audits, respectively).

But whistleblowing channels alone do not make sense without whistleblowers who report the facts and help detect irregularities that are holding back the company. These people can be from workers, customers, suppliers to volunteers, who with their good will want to report facts that help improve business and coexistence.

In well-known televised cases, the whistleblower is retaliated against by the company (usually when an irregularity is reported by higher levels), while acting in the general interest of workers and society.

The protection of whistleblowers is essential if we want to have an ethical and sustainable society, so the act of reporting an irregularity must be protected and even rewarded.

The European Directive 2019/1937, which will be transposed into the legal system of the different European countries before the end of the year, aims to protect whistleblowers, through tools and procedures for anonymizing whistle blows and their treatment without reveal the identity of the complainant, even in certain cases when it comes to court.

At WhistleForm we are fully committed to protecting the identity of whistleblowers, providing tools that can guarantee this, and today, June 23, World Alert Day, we celebrate wishing that laws and procedures continue to be implemented and improved to help us have more ethical organizations and grow as a society.

Happy World Whistleblower Day!