Why an Online Whistleblowing Channel?

Online whistleblowing channel internal communication

In addition to the easier management, using an online whistleblowing channel makes informing the whistleblower about the reception, status, and resolution of their complaint a simple and in large part automated process. Some online whistleblowing tools also allow for secure internal communication with the complainant, even if they decide to remain anonymous. 


Of course you could be asking yourself if it is safe to have such sensitive content in an online tool. To minimize the risks, make sure that the channel you choose complies with the following characteristics:

  • encryption of all privacy-sensitive information, as well as the complaints themselves;
  • the option to send anonymous complaints, of course still with the possibility of secure internal communication with the complainant;
  • code which is fully owned by the company that offers the channel;
  • good backup systems;
  • a channel hosted on safe, if possible ISO certified servers;
  • regular internal and external security audits;
  • a tool developed in accordance with EU regulation and eventually the laws of individual countries;
  • compliance with data protection legislation;
  • the option for additional security measures, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), for if you want to increase your channel’s security even further.

Your Online Whistleblowing Channel

Get started with a secure and easy to manage whistleblowers channel now, to improve your employees’ performance, and to be prepared for the upcoming legislation. To find out about the status of implementation of the whistleblowing laws in your country, you can use the EU Whistleblowing Meter.

The online WhistleForm channel complies with all of these safety recommendations, and allows for a secure, easy and structured notifications management with your whistleblowing channel(s). Reach out to find the ideal whistleblowing solution that your company needs.